file permissions

Guillermo guillermo at
Thu Feb 11 17:20:43 GMT 1999

> >     Is there any way to allow users write in a public directory shared
> > with Samba and, at the same time, deny the removal of any file in the
> > same directory. This users have not an account in the Linux side so they
> > log as the guest user.
> >
> >    I am using Red Hat Linux 5.2 and Samba 1.9.18p10.
> look at the permissions the /tmp directory has. I should have them set that
> way, that users can create files, but only delete files they own.

  Thank you Florian Pflug but I am afraid  I didn't explain the problem
correctly. What I want is disallow user delete even files they own.

  We have an Acces database file  in a public directory in the Samba Server.
The users open this database through an interface program, obviusly the changes
made need to be saved so we need write permission but not delete permission.

  At the same time we use the samba server to store some files that the
interface program creates, this files can't be removed by his owner.

Greetings, Guillermo

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