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Daryl L. Biberdorf darylb at
Thu Feb 11 13:53:03 GMT 1999

We're having an interesting problem at our
site. We are running Samba 1.9.18p10 under Linux
2.0.35 (Caldera 1.2 with an upgraded kernel).
We've been having strange outages where all attempts
to log in to the Samba-based domain (Win 95 clients)
fail. There aren't any real errors in the log,
other than "Gethostby addrfailed for"
This message is being generated by the client_name()
call in util.c.

All our clients receive their IP addresses from
a DHCP server. As Dynamic DNS isn't ready yet,
these machines don't have hostname entries in
either the name server or the /etc/hosts file.
Our master DNS services are provided upstream
(not by us). I'm wondering if an outage between
us and the DNS would result in this kind of failure.
If so, why does Samba need to do a reverse DNS lookup
and then fail on it when it doesn't work?

I actually posted a very similar question on September
13, but I don't think any responses were made. Any help is



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