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I'm upgrading from PCNFS to SAMBA and I had the same problem fixed by
seting up smb.conf like bellow

   mangle case = no
   case sensitive = no
   default case = lower

preserve case = yes
   short preserve case = no

It make all files in the
DOS 8.3 format to be stored in lower case and to preserve case for files
not in DOS 8.3 format. It worke very good for us.


>Peter.Lingen at wrote:
>> after installing samba 2.0.0 and 2.0.2 i have problems to access files
>> via nfs which are stored using samba. access from samba is ok.
>> all files are stored uppercase, dir(nfs) in dos box shows xxxx^qq for file
>> asdfgjk.pv.
>> i tried all things with case options, but no success.
>> any help?
>PC-NFS will present *lowercase* 8.3 filenames as they're supposed to be and
>mangle anything else using ^ (or whichever mangling character you choose.)
>If you want to maintain compatibility with PC-NFS, have short names default
>to lower case.
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