samba and pcnfs (#13596)

M.Sapsed m.sapsed at
Thu Feb 11 10:46:45 GMT 1999

Peter.Lingen at wrote:
> after installing samba 2.0.0 and 2.0.2 i have problems to access files
> via nfs which are stored using samba. access from samba is ok.
> all files are stored uppercase, dir(nfs) in dos box shows xxxx^qq for file
> asdfgjk.pv.
> i tried all things with case options, but no success.
> any help?

PC-NFS will present *lowercase* 8.3 filenames as they're supposed to be and
mangle anything else using ^ (or whichever mangling character you choose.)
If you want to maintain compatibility with PC-NFS, have short names default
to lower case.



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