Samba 2.0.0 causes NT domain account lockout (PR#13192)

Firebeard stend+samba at
Thu Feb 11 07:56:40 GMT 1999

>>>>> John H Terpstra writes:

>>  I see that this PR would get standard answers 6 and 8.  However,
>> your responses to those PRs address the annoyance value of seeing
>> the invalid logins (either in the event log or across the net), not
>> the functionality loss caused by account lockouts caused by the
>> invalid logins.  To answer your question in 8, yes, I really really
>> want you to change the current behavior.

JHT> Well the bad news is - NO WAY! The GOOD news is that the way to
JHT> solve your problem is to use "security=domain" and NOT
JHT> "security=server".

JHT> The whole point of the new "security=domain" capability since
JHT> samba-2.0.0 is to behave as closely as possible to the way the NT
JHT> does.

	Well, they apparently relaxed the policy, so my samba servers
are now in the domain, and my problems went from bad to worse.  At
least before I had some limited period of access.  Now I get "An
extended error has occurred." (Win98) or "An unexpected network error
occurred" (WinNT 4.0) when I try to connect.  Any pointers?

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