Final Solution [was] Samba is a Hoax

Avantel Systems alex at
Thu Feb 11 01:00:32 GMT 1999

Many thanks to all the Samba fans for your ideas and suggestions.
Eventually all the indicators pointed at a W95 client that was (somehow)
selectively working with everything except Samba.  I took out my W95 repair
tools (fdisk & format) and after a new install (and setting the registry to
use plaintext passwords) everything worked fine.  When I also re-installed
all the other M$ patches, fixes and upgrades, my connections to Samba
started to hum along quite nicely!

After strugglig with this problem for over two weeks, I have developed a
deep appreciation of just what the Samba team accomplished by developing a
workable interface with Windows.  So now I'm a fan too!  Again, thanks!

Alex Vandenham
Avantel Systems
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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