Message could not be scanned for viruses.

mail.sweeper at mail.sweeper at
Thu Feb 11 00:51:26 GMT 1999

A message you sent could not be scanned for viruses

Subject:	SAMBA digest 1979
Date:		Thu, 11 Feb 1999 11:32:40 +1100

The email has been quarantined and will NOT be delivered

The email message and/or its attachments may contain one of the following which is preventing it from being scanned for viruses:

1. Corrupted data
2. Encrypted data
3. Unrecognised encoding
4. Illegal mail address format
5. Content-type header does not have an RFC-conformant value

Please check your message for any of the above conditions and re-send it.

If you require further assistance, please contact your helpdesk.

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