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At 02:20 AM 2/11/1999 +1100, Juan Carlos Castro y Castro wrote:
>Mattias Kunkel wrote:
>> Is there a free SMB-Client for Apple Macintosh available (I think DAVE
is too
>> expensive for me).
>I know precious little about the Mac, but in case you don't find what
>you're looking for here's an alternate solution: use NetWare emulation.
>I do know there's a NetWare client for the Mac, for free. You can run
>Samba and MarsNWE simultaneously on the same Unix machine, and thus be
>able to share files among Mac and PC on the Unix HD.

I've been using Samba and CAP (Columbia Appletalk Package) to accomplish
that.  CAP has worked flawlessly for me and I have seen no conflicts
between Samba and CAP.   Using CAP means the Macs are simply using their
native chooser.


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