Problems with Outlook *.pst file corruption

Kirk Patton kirk.patton at
Wed Feb 10 18:37:21 GMT 1999


I am currently having a problem with the *.pst mail spool files that are created in MS Outlook.
I have several users that keep these files on the samba server and experience corruption problems.  the
try to open a folder within the pst file and Outlook complains that the errors were detected in the

I had moved one person to a winnt 3.51 server and the problem dissapeared.  As soon as I copied the file
back to the samba server, it was hosed.

Does anyone know what may cause this and even better, how to prevent it?

I am using Samba  1.9.18p10

I plan on upgrading to 2.0.x but wanted to solve this problem first if it was some sort of configuration


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