NT server, NT Gateway, Samba and .... ??

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Wed Feb 10 17:54:32 GMT 1999

You wrote:
|	. However, customer want to put more users. This will
| bring up following issues :
|       We have to upgrade our AIX server RAM in order to bring more
| clients to our AIX server.

	Samba usually bottlenecks on disk i/o: if you add more users,
	you may well need more disk & swap, but not necessarily more

	How many disks and scsi controllers do you have, which model
	RS/6000 and how many ethernets of what speed do you have?
	I can plug those into a simple model and predict your
	likely bottlenecks...

|       Our enterprise Unix server are treated more like a LAN sever to
| them, which will bring more daily samba related daily administration
jobs to
| my daily Unix administration works. It is inconvenient.

	I'm sorry, that last sentence doesn't mean anything to me.
	Could you expand on it a bit? 
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