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Wed Feb 10 08:05:28 GMT 1999

Hi all samba world.

I want to install 3 Linux Red Hat 5.2 with Samba.

1) One server for Authentication and Printing Only, this server will have
all users into. (AUT)
2) One server for Applications only without users into.(APP)
3) One server for Data only without users into.(DAT)

I want to add users only into Authentication Server.
I want to use users profiles to map drives automatically to server 2) and
3) . (I have tested this and It works fine).

Is it possible to get connected W95 clients with networks drives to
servers, APP & DAT only putting one only login & password for server AUT ?

I want to connect to domain LINUX, put a login and password and connect
drives to another servers into the same Domain with only one login &
password input and of course
I don't want to use PUBLIC sections ....

I have tested, but I need to keep the same /etc/passwd & /etc/group into
all servers or get the same login/password for each network drive ...

Is there any form to perform this without put the same passwd & group in
all servers ???

Could you help me, please?

Thanks a lot in advance ....

Santos Ramirez

sramirez at

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