'Not listening for calling name' error

David Taylor david at rmit.EDU.AU
Wed Feb 10 01:00:30 GMT 1999


I'm new to Samba and am having problems getting Samba V1.9.18p10
(RedHat V5.2) to respond to a login request. It's got to be something
simple that I've overlooked - it should work out of the box?

When testing a connection from the console using smbclient -L host123
I get the following (IP nos. and hostname changed):

Added interface ip=XX.XX.180.22 bcast=XX.XX.180.255 nmask=
Session request failed (131,129) with myname=HOST123 destname=HOST123
Not listening for calling name
Try to connect as another name (instead of HOST123)
You may find the -n option useful for this

I can find no referance to setting up allowable 'calling names'.

'testparm' doesn't report any errors.

'smbd' and 'nmbd' are, of course, running.

The Samba server does not show up in 'Find -> Computer -> [hostname/IP no]'
on a 'doz95 PC on the same network.

I'd appreciate any possible suggestions.



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