NT server, NT Gateway, Samba and .... ??

William Stuart william at hae.com
Tue Feb 9 23:27:20 GMT 1999

I am not quite sure what you want the gateway to save you in labor.  But you
might buy a PC with a large amount of RAM and run Linux on it.  This box
could NFS mount the AIX shares and distribute the files and manage the

If you use the script found in Jerry Carter's FAQ about NT domains
(http://www.samba.org), you can create a /etc/passwd file from the PDC at
the remote site.  Then you can add the SAMBA machine to the PDC domain
(security = domain, detailed in said FAQ).

This machine would be placed at that site, and the only traffic you see
would be NFS over the WAN.

If you were hoping to save the traffic and say keep a separate repository at
the remote site, you might look into Andrew Tridgell's other major
accomplishment: rdist.

William Stuart (william at hae.com)
"...and that's why I suggest putting your IP router in a suppository
configuration"  --Dilbert 1/8/1999

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