RPM -> .tgz upgrade

alex at avantel.com alex at avantel.com
Tue Feb 9 21:31:34 GMT 1999

Steve is right.  But the answer is pretty easy - just use the RPM to
uninstall the old version.  It will pull out a lot of things you may want
to keep so back up things like your smb.conf, and if you want to keep using
the RH method of starting Samba, keep smb in the init.d directory backed up
- you'll have to edit it to point to the new locations samba has chosen.  I
just went through this a few days ago and it all went pretty easy.


>"Arthur Stark" <astark2 at vvm.com> wrote:  
>> Have a question on upgradeing from Samba 2.0 to 2.0.2, my 2.0 installation
>> was via RPM, and I upgraded via the tar.gz archive, soad it installed just
>> fine, but looking at my logs 2.0.0 seems to be getting fired up still, any
>> help I can get on fixing this would be helpful, thanks! Running Redhat
>> 5.2...
>RedHat likes to change the default locations of things; did you 
>check the makefile generated by configure and compare it to the 
>RedHat makefile in the source archive?  There were many differences 
>in the 1.9.18 package (I haven't tried 2.x yet myself...)

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