Novell NetWare 3.2 + Paradox => slow Samba

Lehecka, Gary R (SAIC) LeheckGR at BP.COM
Tue Feb 9 20:57:23 GMT 1999

Hi Jim,

Does the Novell NetWare 3.2 server that you are trying to replace with Samba
have any NLM's loaded to implement B-Tree lookups?

If so, B-Tree processing is done on the Novell server without
generating a lot of network I/O.

In order to get the same kind of client - server performance,
you would have to run some Paradox compatible server software on the Samba

Gary Lehecka
LeheckGR at BP.Com
BP  250 - 3671
US  ( 216 )  586 - 3671

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