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Tue Feb 9 12:19:02 GMT 1999

Kenneth Porter wrote:
> <carey at> wrote:
> >Our department needed a new file server for the computer lab, which
> >has Win95 workstations, and I was tasked with the chore. Being a
> >Linux advocate, I proposed a Linux file server running samba. Well,
> >we are ready to order and I need to specify a partitioning strategy.
> >I was hoping that some of you that might have already gone through
> >this process, could impart some of your wisdom to me.
> I'd recommend one partition for swap and one for everything else. The
> only reason to further partition would be to insure that the boot files
> remain below the 1024 cylinder boundary.

But doesn't LILO handle this too? I've never had any problem with kernel
upgrading, no matter how big/full the HD is.

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