Work on HD but not on samba (Mangled names)

Miquel Bonastre miquel at
Tue Feb 9 11:17:35 GMT 1999


 We posted a question asking why could fail a software that
 works installed on hardisk or a Windows share but fail
 if installed on Samba (the software was Informix clients).

 Now we have solved our problem. The failure's reason was
 that Informix uses both large and short names so in the
 registry there was filenames with the short version
 (filena~1.ext, and so on). If windows used a short name
 samba didn't find the file. 

 Our solution was to change the registered short names 
 with their long versions, but I think samba should 
 work the same way Windows NT does.

 Could anybody explain me how does samba works with 
 long/short names? I have read the manual but I still
 have some doubts:

 - What are the differences between the windows and samba

 - Is it possible for Samba to manage the long/short names
  the same way Windows does?

                            Miquel Bonastre (miquel at
                            Area de Sistemes Unix (LCFIB)
                            Facultat d'Informatica de Barcelona
                            Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya

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