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On Sun, 7 Feb 1999 03:54:48 +1100, Carey F. Cox
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>Our department needed a new file server for the computer lab, which 
>has Win95 workstations, and I was tasked with the chore. Being a 
>Linux advocate, I proposed a Linux file server running samba. Well, 
>we are ready to order and I need to specify a partitioning strategy. 
>I was hoping that some of you that might have already gone through 
>this process, could impart some of your wisdom to me.

I'd recommend one partition for swap and one for everything else. The
only reason to further partition would be to insure that the boot files
remain below the 1024 cylinder boundary.

Having one partition eliminates the need to guess how big to make
individual partitions. You can use quotas to control the size of user
home directories.

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