Win98 and Samba

Chris Drumgoole chris at
Mon Feb 8 23:35:32 GMT 1999

Hi, I am running Samba 2.0 and Slackware 3.6.  I used to have win95 on my
LAN, connected to Samba.  It worked great!  In used Client for Microsoft
Networks to log in to a Windows NT domain (which samba was the server for).
I had no problems.  However, I upgraded to Win98.  Why?  Who knows...

Anyway, It wont accept my logon password.  I checked all the settings, all
looks fine, with the TCP/IP stuff..,..   I don't get it...  I have a third
win95 machine on the LAN, it is not visible under network neighborhood.
However, when I uncheck the LOG ONTO WINDOWS NT DOMAIN, and I reboot, I look
into network neighborhood, all three machines are listed, including the
samba one.  But, I can not access any files on the samba machine, because I
am not logged in.  If I try to access it, it asks for the password for my
user, but it does not accept it.  Anyone have a solution?

Thank you so much in advanced!


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