samba auditing - patch against 2.0.2 released

Andy Bakun abakun at
Mon Feb 8 23:10:23 GMT 1999

I've generated diffs against 2.0.2 for my current work to add auditing to
samba.  For those who might not be aware, this patch adds the ability to
log certain events, opening and closing a file, file deletions, logons,
etc, via syslog.  There are no major changes to this release over previous
releases, other than that it applies cleanly to 2.0.2.  This is beta code,
but I've been using it in my production environment for the last 3 months
or so, with no ill effects.

Information, docs, and a link to download the patch is at:

Questions and comments should be directed to myself at
thwartedefforts at


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