Problems running apps from Samba 2.0.0 share on NT 4.0

Duncan Kinnear duncanwantsnomorespam at
Mon Feb 8 21:35:42 GMT 1999

On 30 Jan 99, at 2:40, Firebeard wrote:  

> 	Well, what I noticed was pretty subtle - the log file for that
> connection hit max log size and was rotated to .old.  The first thing
> in the new log file?  The new connection!  It's looking like the very
> act of rotating the log file is killing smbd!  I kicked the max log
> size up to 500, and, sure enough, the new log file started a new smbd
> process.


Well done for tracking down the problem.  When I read your findings it 
rang a massive bell for me.  I remember looking for errors in the logs and 
being frustrated by the fact that the log rotated about the exact time of the 
incident.  I never dreamed that the actual rotation itself would be the 

Of course you would have found that this occurs more frequently with 
higher debug levels.  When I bumped up the debug level to try and track 
down the problem, the errors became more frequent.  It would also 
explain why there is *NO* message in the log to indicate a problem - 
because the log itself *IS* the problem.

Have you had any reply from the developers?  I might try and have a dig 
around in the code to try and find out where it does the rotate, but right 
now I'm pretty snowed under.  I'll keep you posted.  


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