Samba 2.0.2 (and 2.0.0) truncates/fills with NULL bytes copied files on Solaris Sparc

Nicolas Pioch pioch at
Mon Feb 8 12:48:42 GMT 1999

Regarding the bug I described yesterday at:

I have investigated things a little bit further today.

First, it doesn't depend on the fact that machine [A] (source of the
was remote via a WAN connection.

In fact, I've been able to reproduce it today simply using
machine [B] (WinNT4) to transfer a LOCAL file to a
Samba 2.0.2 share on Solaris, machine [C].
So you can forget everything about the WAN connection
and the setup to reproduce the problem simply becomes:

                    [B] ------ LAN ------ [C]

I've reproduced the problem with any WinNT 4 machine around,
running SP3 or SP4, US or localized version.

BUT the problem only happens if you copy a file
from a NTFS-formatted disk to a Samba drive.

I've used a couple of NT machines where the original filesystem
was FAT, and in this case I could never reproduce the corruption.

There must be some specific feature that NT is activating
when the source drive is NTFS -- is that related to
the "write-behind" in the syslog ?

Is that triggering some RPC stuff on the Samba side
that's new in Samba 2.0 and didn't exist in 1.9x ?

Hope this helps,
-- N.

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