Help needed! tricky browsing configuration and BUG_REPORT

Steffen Einsle steffen at
Sun Feb 7 22:27:04 GMT 1999

hi there,

can please anybody help me solve my little problem ? I have about a dozen
networks connected to my local lan via isdn dial-up (on-demand). I am
running linux
kernel 2.0.36 and samba 2.0.0 (2.0.2 doesn't work either). There is a
linux-box running
samba 2.0.0 connected to every remote network. The Clients are always
Local browsing seems to work perfectly.

I have configured every server to be PDC, DMB, LMB and WINS server. As all
networks should be
(and stay) separated apart from my maintenance accessses, no periodic
browse-sync is desired
(telephone costs!!).

Now I would like to connect to a remote network from my local Win98 machine.
Windows explorer: \\GARGAMEL (I have a local LMHOSTS file to resolve
Result: I get a list with the available shares from server GARGAMEL, besides
my network
neighbourhood is extended and now contains the remote domain SMURFS_DOM.
2 seconds later an error message pops up stating that my computer cannot
access SMURFS_DOM,
requested server or service is not available.

My local machine connects to WINS server requesting address for SMURFS_DOM.
As my WINS
server never had any contact to server GARGAMEL no address can be found. Now
I create a
file /etc/lmhosts and add a few entries:      GARGAMEL#0x1D      GARGAMEL#0x1B      GARGAMEL#0x1E

(my local network is ROMANS_DOM with MAJESTIX as PDC, DMB, LMB
and WINS.)
(please note the 0x before any name_type is necessary for a correct parsing,
this seems
 to be a bug in libsmb/namequery.c in getlmhostsent.

    /* Extra feature. If the name ends in '#XX', where XX is a hex number,
       then only add that name type. */
    if((ptr = strchr(name, '#')) != NULL)
      char *endptr;

      *name_type = (int)strtol(ptr, &endptr,0);      <<<<< should be (ptr,

Now NMBD adds these entries to REMOTE BROADCAST SUBNET ...
but the error message cannot access SMURFS_DOM, requested server or service
is not available
keeps popping up.

has it something to do with the INTERFACES setting in smb.conf? or do I have
to adjust my
ISDN network interfaces? (ip works fine, no problems)
Do i have to create REMOTE ANNOUNCE sections for the remote networks?
How can I get rid of the error message and access the remote servers browse
Could it help to have different smb.conf files for local clients and remote

samba novice seeking advice...

S. Einsle

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