Beware: Samba is a hoax

David L. Aldridge dlac at
Mon Feb 8 08:20:44 GMT 1999

Let me guess.  This guy is an ms certified professional.  Right?

> > I can only conclude that Samba is an elaborate hoax and here's why.
> Well.. why do you use it them... just switch to NT and spend your time
> rebooting your machine after nearly every action "for the setting to take
> effect" :-)
> > 1) Setup is more complex than Sendmail (it set the standard for complexity)
> Simply not true!... I asume you have NEVER even read an average
> file
> > 2) Even the simplest smb.conf causes trouble
> Well .. I sugest reading the man-pages and using you brain
> > 3) You can pass ALL the tests in the DIAGNOSIS procedure, AND
> > Samba will still not let you SHARE FILES or SHARE PRINTERS between Windows
> > and Unix
> > but you WILL be able to BROWSE YOUR SHARES (Just pretend it might be useful)
> Well.. most people have samba up and running without ever looking at
> DIAGNOSIS.txt....
> [Snip]
> Well.. Next time, just use a WORKING win95-client (hard to get.. i know)
> Or... even simplier:
> Just switch to nt... no need for using tcp/ip, just use netbeui (very simple
> to configure). Netbeui doesn't support routing, but who needs more than one
> subnet? Should be no problem for you to pay $1000 for 5 users.....
> Next time, before you mail flames about freeware, get yourselft a
> linux-machine with gcc, the program sources and 
>                    START MAKING IT BETTER
>                                      Greetings from Florian Pflug

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