samba, Solaris 7 and acl's?

Marlys Nelson marlys.a.nelson at
Mon Feb 8 07:02:02 GMT 1999

I have been happily running samba on a linux pc server for the past 8
months but we are now moving this service to a brand new Sun E3500
Solaris 7 server.  I haven't yet upgraded to samba 2.0.x but I plan to
install that on the new server.

I understand that Solaris supports acls and I believe I have several
situations in which this would be useful if samba will understand and
properly apply the acl.

Setting up groups to grant/deny access to directories within a share
simply aren't sufficient as there is a limit of 16 (raiseable to 32)
groups per user, same as linux.  I need something like 90 - a course
instructor who needs to share access to a directory with each student
in their course.

I'm thinking I can accomplish this with acls if samba will honor them.
Anyone doing something like this?

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