Samba Solution ? [was] Beware: Samba is a hoax

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Sun Feb 7 20:46:34 GMT 1999

I did what several people on this list suggested and sent some info to the
samba bugs list. I got a reply from John H Terpstra - Samba-Team, who said:
'I did not find anything unusual about the info you sent.'  He asked for
and got some additional log and tcpdump info too.

However, I am starting to suspect a name mangling configuration problem
that confuses W95 (or samba?).  Here's why :

I created two empty directories on the Samba server.  I could access these
from explorer without W95 crashing.  Then I copied files into those
directories from the windoze box using explorer.  As long as the file was
in 8.3 format - no problem.  I could put in as many as I wanted - no delays
& I could list them.  

Then I copied in two W95 long filename files.  The first went fine, it was
called 'novell_products.html' The second caused trouble, it was called
'telecom.y2k.html'  A check of the Linux box showed that the file had
copied in OK, but I could no longer list the files in that directory
(browse the share as MS would say ;p ) I went for lunch to see if W95 could
recover but no such luck - reboot time.  It is very possible that I have
the mangling options set wrong (all on default) so I'm going to see what I
can do there. (sent to bugs list too)

If anyone has a combination of mangling settings for Samba that is supposed
to work for W95 long filenames that would be very much appreciated.  I'm
trying some combination now but I find it difficult to understand the
implications of all the possible settings especially in various

TIA for any suggestions


At 04:06 PM 2/6/1999 -0500, Rudolf Kollien wrote:

>I think it's important for the samba developers/programmers/hackers to see
>the samba log created while accessing this file. Be so kind and clear your
>samba log file, insert a "debuglevel=12" in the smb.conf, restart the
>syslogd with a kill -1, create the file which caused the problem, start you
>win client and access the file. Save the log, switch your debuglevel back to
>1 or 2, restart syslogd and send the file to the group.
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