smb.conf man page and solaris man

Todd Pfaff pfaff at edge.cis.McMaster.CA
Sat Feb 6 23:17:45 GMT 1999

has anyone else noticed this minor annoyance with solaris 2.5 man and the
smb.conf man page?

the smb.conf man page looks like this:

.TH SMB.CONF 5 "06 Feb 1999" "smb.conf 2.0.1"
smb\&.conf \- The configuration file for the Samba suite

i don't know much about nroff but i assume that the \& is there to escape
the . before conf.  the \& seems to confuse catman in solaris 2.5 such
that it doesn't add smb.conf to the whatis file and man doesn't find the
smb.conf page.  nroff process the page fine however, with or without the

the simple fix is to edit the smb.conf.5 page and remove the \& from the
title line.  this works for me, ymmv.

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