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Fri Feb 5 19:19:00 GMT 1999


I am a newbie to this list as well as to samba. Usually I will wait 
a while before posting to a list before I ask questions or make 
comments, but I need some info rather fast.

Our department needed a new file server for the computer lab, which 
has Win95 workstations, and I was tasked with the chore. Being a 
Linux advocate, I proposed a Linux file server running samba. Well, 
we are ready to order and I need to specify a partitioning strategy. 
I was hoping that some of you that might have already gone through 
this process, could impart some of your wisdom to me.

Basically, we have about 15 Win95 workstations that will be serviced 
by this Dual PII Linux fileserver. I would like to limit access to 
shares on a user basis for their personal files, and a public share 
for Windows applications that we might install for use on the clients. 
I also want the students to be able to log into the Linux system. 

I was thinking of having a /home partition which can be accessed by 
the students from either Linux or Samba, a /samba partition that will 
contain the applications to be used on the Win95 boxes, a sizable 
/tmp partition, and a /staff partition. Of course their will be / and 
/usr, but I wasn't planning on making these available through samba. 

I would appreciate your thoughts and comments on this. 

BTW, I am currently rereading John Blair's book, "Samba: Integrating 
UNIX and Windows," so I do have some knowledge about samba. 

One final question; Is anyone using the same passwords for both the 
Linux authentication and samba encrypted authentication? 
My undertanding is that you basically have to have a script to update 
both the Linux password and samba password at the same instance. 
I personally do not want to keep up two separate password files.



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