print to a only-with-win-driver-working printer

Dobos Sanyi cly at
Fri Feb 5 12:00:18 GMT 1999

I have linux with samba and some NT-s in network.
One of the NT-s have a HP DJ710C printer, which works only with windows
drivers (minimum hardwer printer).
Is it possible to print to this printer throught the printer$ or the
HPDJ710 (I created) share?
I tried with smbclient. when I type 'print file', a message appears on
the opened printer manager, like 'job processing' from 'lower network
level', the sender is the user who use the smbclient, etc... But the job
disappears in a second, and nothing to be logged except something in the
security log (logons and logouts without error)
What to do?
Somebody knows something about this printer?

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