Samba and CHAP - the plot thickens...

Dave Horsfall dave at
Fri Feb 5 07:20:22 GMT 1999

A while ago I asked for help in configuring CHAP (Cryptographic Handshake
Authentication Protocol) into Samba, and no-one had heard of it.  Well, I
finally found a reference to it, in the form of a Micro$oft knowledge base
article.  It's PSS ID Q187228, if that means anything (I'm reading a fax).

Unable to Connect to a Samba Server with Windows 98


When you attempt to connect to a Samba server or a LanManager server from
your Windows 98-based client computer, the following error message may be
displayed:  Incorrect Password.  This error message may occur even though
you provide the correct user account and password.


This behaviour occurs because Windows 98 does not send plain text
passwords to Server Message Block (SMB) by default.


To resolve this issue, use either of the following methods:

Method 1:

Configure the Samba server to support Challenge-Handshake Authentication
Protocol (CHAP) password encryption.  Please refer to your Samba
documentation in how to configure a Samba SMB server.  NOTE: This is the
preferred method to resolve this issue because it is more secure than
sending unencrypted passwords over the net.

Method 2:

[ Talks about PAP - Password Authentication Protocol ]

Method 3:

[ Dunno; this was the end of the page.  There is no Method 3 :-) ]

Well, I got Samba 2.0.0, and there is no mention of CHAP...  So, does
Samba support CHAP, or are Microsoft up themselves?  The point is, we
don't want passwords to be sent in the clear over the network.

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