how do I migrate to encrypted

Tom Schutter tom at
Fri Feb 5 00:55:10 GMT 1999


Currently at our site we are using plaintext passwords.
All of our servers are set to "encrypt passwords = No".
All of our NT and 98 boxes have had their registry changed.
I am currently upgrading to 2.0.0.

So now I am thinking about changing to encrypted passwords.  I think
that I understand the procedure for setting up the password file.
1) Create a private/smbpasswd file on each server.
2) Set "update encrypted = Yes" on each server.
3) Wait awhile.

Then I would like to changeover.  Is there any way to do it
incrementally, or do I have to change each server to "encrypt
passwords = Yes", and undo the NT and 98 registry changes in one fell
swoop?  Obviously I cannot have servers with encryption on and clients
with encryption off.  Is it also true that I cannot have servers with
encryption off and clients with encryption on? (The state I would be
in with some machines during transition).

The other question I have is:
Is there any way to have a common password file.  Under my current
plan, each user would have N_SAMBA_SERVERS + 1(NIS/UNIX) passwords.

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