security = user does not work

Martin Mielke martin at
Thu Feb 4 21:17:42 GMT 1999

Dear Samba Gurus,

in an effort to improve the security at our site, I wanted to include
the "security = user" feature in the smb.conf file.

The background: Samba 1.9.18p3 running on SGI Octane with Irix 6.4 and
Win98/95 boxes.

This is what I tried:

    security = share --> this works fine but everyone can log as any
other user and destroy sensitive data.

    security = domain --> this is not in the man page but also grants
access to the UNIX accounts

    security = user --> a little window pops up in the Win9x machine,
asking the user to supply a password to make the connection to the
resource \\SambaServer\IP$. If the user enters the same password (s)he
uses for her/his UNIX account, am error message telling that the
password typed is incorrect; believe me, it is NOT true ;-)

Has anybody faced/solved this problem before??

Thanks in advance for your time!

Best regards,


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