Browsing Problems

Maurice Agavnian agavnian at
Thu Feb 4 15:09:33 GMT 1999


I have exactly the same problem with samba 2.0 and my NT4 clients. When I try 
to browse the shares in the Network Neighborhood, I get the error message:
	\\server is not accessible. The remote procedure call failed.

No problem with samba 1.9.x or Win95.

The only thing that make browsing works is to reduce the number of browseable shares and/or the length of the corresponding "comment=" lines. For me, with ~ 50 shares it works with ~ 70 I get error message... But this is not an acceptable fix it.

I am interested by any idea to correct this problem...


Wolf Paul <wolf.paul at> wrote: 

> Hello, 
> I installed Samba 2.0 on my OSF 4.0D server a couple of days ago, and 
> connecting to shares works just fine. 
> However, browsing the server does not seem to work. 
> We have a network with mostly NT 4.0 clients, plus some Win95. 

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