File Corruption (null chars)

McNally Dermot-R3564C r3564c at
Thu Feb 4 08:45:12 GMT 1999

I saw this topic come up a few times in the archives, but saw no solutions
(none, at least, applicable to my situation).

Here's the setup:

Samba 2.0.0 running on FreeBSD 2.2.8 STABLE. Saw problem from two NT 4
Workstation machines with Service pack 4, did _not_ see problem from another
identically configured machine. The test case is as follows:

A particular file (size 1300 bytes) is stored on a remote drive (to the test
workstation) which belongs to a real NT 4 Server (either SP3 or SP4).
Copying the file straight to a Samba share results in a file of the correct
size, but filled with NULLs. Copying the file to the desktop of the
workstation (on local NTFS partition) and from there to the samba drive
leads to the same corruption (although the file was intact while on the
desktop). Copying the intact file onto a floppy disk on the local system,
then dragging it from floppy to Samba leads to an intact file.

Further clue: the workstation from which this worked correctly was using FAT
locally instead of NTFS.

Can anyone hazard a guess at what's going on here? I'm wondering if it's a
cacheing problem of some sort...

Like I said, this only happens reliably with a particular file, which I'll
be happy to provide to anyone interested in trying this.

Thanks in advance,
Dermot McNally

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