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Thu Feb 4 07:43:44 GMT 1999


At 07.06 04/02/99 +1100, you wrote:
>  A single 7200 rpm scsi drive will start about 70 i/o operations a
>and if we assume that 100% of them are for data, and the buffer size is
>8 KB, we'll get 560 KB/Sec of throughput from one drive.

Are you sure about this? I benchmarked about 12 Mb/s of transfer rate on a
recent IDE drive (Fijitsu 10 Gb, Linux 2.0.36, PII 266, Asus MB). Well, of
course it was sequential reading, but if the filesystem has little
fragmentation and if the operating system does its job I think we can get
at least much more than 0.5 Mb of throughput out of an IDE drive. Disk
caching of course will do the rest. Am I wrong ?


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