Machines in Browse List Not Disappearing

David van Geyn david at
Thu Feb 4 00:38:23 GMT 1999

Cross-subnet browsing across my two network segments works fine, but here is
the problem:

I turn machine A1 on, which is on segment 1. This machine shows up in both
browse lists normally quite quickly. But when I shut it down, it disappears
in the browse list on segment 1 (expected), but on segment 2, it stays in
the browse list. It has now been three hours since A1 has been on, and it is
still in the browse list on segment 2. The same occurs when a machine is
powered off on segment 2.

Any ideas why this is happening?

Here is some info if needed:

The samba server on segment 1 is the domain master browser and local master
on its segment and is the WINS server.
The samba server on segment 2 is the local master on its segment.


-David Van Geyn

david at

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