Disappearing Browse List

Rich_Jones at wmg.com Rich_Jones at wmg.com
Wed Feb 3 15:37:34 GMT 1999


	I have a system at home that uses Slackware 3.5, which has the 
1.9.18p7 version of Samba.  I've been working fine with the setup.  Then 
the other day, the browselist on the WIn95 machines disappeared.

	I was working with the /var/log directory access.  Would this cause 
the shares not to be visible?  The only other thing I have been working 
with was IPFWADM.  

	If I go to a DOS prompt, I can see the shares with a NET VIEW 
\\server.  I can even map the drives and use them.  So I know its working, 
just that I cant see it in the Net Hood.  

	I have the server setup with:
		local master = yes
		remote announce =
		domain master = yes
		preferred master = yes
		null passwords =  yes

	I think at this point it is a permission thing.  Either being blocked 
by IPFWADM, or some I made other set to 0.

	Thanks for any help.


Richard Jones
NOS Administrator
Olyphant, PA 18448
(717)383-3291 ext 2381	Fax: (717)383-6837

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