Samba2.0 logon home/path under 'doz95/8

Maxim Zimovets Zimovets at
Wed Feb 3 09:11:56 GMT 1999


I've got strange behaviour for samba2.0 and 'doz95/8.
I've in my smb.conf :
   logon path = "\\%N\Profiles\%U"     # according to Samba-ntdomain faq

First problem:
  When I issue in 'doz95/8 "net use * /home" I get always connected
to \\%N\Profile instead of \\%N\Profiles\%U. Why?????

Second problem:
   'doz95/8 always connect user's home directory to directory specified
by logon path and doesn't pay any attention to directory specified in
logon home. If I delete logon path 'doz connects to logon home.
Has anybody seen this problem? If so how to solve it?

Regards and wait for any reply
Maxim Zimovets
System Administrator
Zimovets at

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