Problems witch Samba Instalation

FAUCONNET Alain af at
Wed Feb 3 05:27:30 GMT 1999

>    I'm from Brazil. I'm sorry, but  my  english  is  bad.  When  gone install
>the Samba, in my HP-UX 10.20, of the error, after of "./configure":
>    checking configure sumary
>    ERROR: No locking available. Running Samba would be unsafe
>    configure: error: summary failue. Aborting config.

Well, I did install several versions of Samba on HP-UX 10.20 and  never
had a problem with that. It seems that compilation or execution of the
./source/tests/fcntl_lock.c file fails  during  configuration.

On  my  HP-UX  systems,  configure finds the necessary fcntl.h file in
/usr/include/sys. Does it exist on your system ?

What  C  compiler  are you using ? I use HP's unbundled C compiler. If
you  use  GNU  C,  have  you correctly installed it ? (ran fixinclude,
installed its own tree of .h files)

I see that fcntl_lock.c tries to lock a file it creates it the current
directory.  I  can  imagine  this  would  fail  if that directory is a
remotely mounted NFS directory hosted by a server  that  doesn't  have
the  lock  daemons  (rpc.lockd).  Could  it be your case ? try running
configure  in  a  Samba  source  tree  *local*  to your HP-UX machine.

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