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Andreas Burkart andreas.burkart at
Tue Feb 2 22:11:37 GMT 1999

Hi all,

I´m relatively new on this list, but I hope, my questions are not too stupid.

We plan to use samba on some of our central file servers. Today these servers (under HP-UX 10.20) supports access for PCs only via NFS (for files and printers). We
tested with samba 1.9.18p10 and all seems fine. But there are some questions left:
1.) Are there some known limitations for the smb.conf, i.e. file size or bytes per line or number of entries in a "comma-separated-list" or such things?
2.) Today each NFS-server exports up to 400 printers and up to 100 different (group-)directories. For some reasons (NIS and secondary unix-groups) I think we need only
1 entry for all printers, but 100 or more sections for the file shares (each with 5-10 lines). Is there a limit for "section entries" in smb.conf? I think, our
smb.conf will grows up to 1000 or more lines (and in the future we will not only export group-directories but also user-home-directories ...)!
3.) Today (with NFS) we use the possibilities of secondary unix-groups in an extensive manner. To get the same behaviour with samba, we use:
        comment = <group 1>
        valid users = + <group_1>
        force group = <group_1>
        create mask = 0770
        force create mask = 0770
Is this correct or some other suggestions? (In a group are up to 100 users and we have ca. 200 groups).
4.) A big question is the correct file locking, because (old) PCs with NFS-clients and (new) PCs with SMB-protocol uses the same files. We set "ole locking
compatibility" to "yes". It seems, that it works correct, but is there a way to observe, which ranges from a file are locked via SMB or what range is specified in a
When I switched on the trace-mode for the NFS-lock-daemon (/usr/sbin/rpc.lockd), than I can see, which NFS-locks are granted for a specified file:
(400502c0), oh= PC002ANF1195393088, svr= hp113, fh = 40000005ffffffff000a000000002646000000a7000a00000000000200000000, op=6, ranges= [2147483559, 2147483560)
(400506c8), oh= PC002ANF1195393088, svr= hp113, fh = 40000005ffffffff000a000000002646000000a7000a00000000000200000000, op=6, ranges= [2147483599, 2147483600)
5.) Where can I find a list, which explains the debug levels (0: none; 1: errors; 2: warnings; 3: info...)?
6.) Is there a way to collect some logs (errors or security-logs) in a different log file? Today we use:
        log file = .../log.%m
        include = .../smb.conf.%m
So we can control the debug level separate for each PC, but I search for a simply way for "What errors or security attacks occured in the last week or month?".
7.) Are there some new features in samba v2.0.0, related to my questions above?
8.) My last question (for today :) is the same problem, that Alan GUILLEVIC reported on 21 Jan 1999:
When I try to compile samba v2.0.0 on HP-UX 10.20 I get:
        ERROR: No locking available. Running Samba would be unsafe
        configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config.
But the hint from Heiko Nardmann (use CPPFLAGS, ...) doesn´t help for me.

Tschuess ABu!

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