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At 04:53 PM 1/29/99 +1100, Tom Holroyd wrote:
>I was having a discussion with a MS person about the performance of NT.
>I got this reply:
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>By the way, I looked into that claim that Linux could outperform NT server,
>and my source claimed that the test was done on different hardware (i.e. it
>was rigged) and that Linux still loses to NT on equivalent HW, although "it
>has gotten closer."  Do you have a reference to a particular test that
>showed otherwise?
>The reference is the claim that Linux with Samba can serve files faster
>than an NT server.  Samba's web page says they are fast, but a) on high
>end hardware that NT doesn't run on and b) it wasn't Linux.
>References that show Linux/Samba to be faster than NT on the same hardware
>would be appreciated.
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Just came across one:

They installed several different linux distributions and NT on identical
hardware, letting each do it's own hardware discovery, and NOT tweaking any
of them for speed. At very light loads (< 12 clients) NT was a bit better,
but once you hit 12 clients, all the linux distribs beat the heck out of NT.

Good luck!

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