Limits on smbclient -M?

Andrew Perrin - Demography aperrin at demog.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Feb 2 18:51:27 GMT 1999


We use smbclient -M to send a Message of the Day to clients every once in
a while. The clients are NT4 (SP3), and the server is Samba
1.9.19-prealpha. However, the same problem appears with version 2.0.0.
The issue is: once the file to be sent exceeds approximately 675 bytes
(smbclient reports sending 975 bytes, presumably including some overhead),
the message turns up blank on the client's screen. that is, a message
appears but has only an OK button, no text.  Interestingly, the limit on
the size seems to depend on which host the message comes from and goes to,
suggesting perhaps that the overhead depends on the length of the
machines' names.

man smbclient notes a 1600 byte limit to the message. Does anyone know if
there's some other (lower) limit that's documented, or if this is just an


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