Can anyone suggest a solution?

Christian Barth barth at
Tue Feb 2 18:34:04 GMT 1999

> We have large PC userbase and a not-so-large (but equally loud) Unix
> user base. We have a requirement to "PopUp" information windows on ALL
> our user's screens with an absolute minimum of manual intervention (ie
> type the message once and then forget it).
> We can manage the Unix X servers but can't seem to find a UNIX
> application that will get th message(s) to our PC community.
> Is there anything in Samba that would give us what we need?
> or is there another UNIX application that will do what we want.
smbclient has the -M opinion to send messages to PC's. The problem 
is, you have to know the pc-name, not the user name. But the output 
of smbstatus (and its options) and some "scripting magic" should do 

I haven't written some thing like this my self, but would be 
intressted in includíng some thing like "Server going down now" in 
the shutdown scripts to inform PC users.


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