Benchmark results

Dave Lawson DAVELA at
Tue Feb 2 16:43:37 GMT 1999

Samba digest 1966, Jeremy Allison wrote:  

> 	For people who are looking for some objective
> numbers to help recommend Samba to their employers (I
> know there are some of you on this list :-) you might
>  want to look at the following couple of articles.
>  The first one is in Smart Reseller (a USA trade press
>  magazine) at :
>  titled : "The Best Windows File Server: Linux!".
>  It covers Samba on Linux vs. NT on a single processor
>  system (and confirms the rumours I've heard that Linux
>  + Samba outperform NT with more than 12 users).

My employer will want to know more about the system, disk config, memory
config... of the NT system this test was run on. Is this info available?

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Menasco Aerospace
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