Changed permissions - printing quit

Jan Kratochvil short at
Tue Feb 2 11:59:43 GMT 1999

> I'm using 1.9.18p10 with FreeBSD 2.2.8.  I have a small network in my
> office where security is no problem and I decided to deal with a
> permissions problem in a quick and dirty way -- real quick / real
> dirty.  I did a "chmod -R 777 /usr".  After this samba quit printing.  I

  OUCH! You probably broke a lot of things! You lost all the permissions
like SUID, SGID, sticky and so on... Correct way would be:

chmod -R ugo+rw /usr;chmod ugo+x `find -type d /usr`

  Probably the only way to get now out from this situation is to reinstall
the whole system completely. :-))) You'll find probably a lot of different
things to magically get broken.


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