"°M" transfering ASCII files

Kari E. Hurtta Kari.Hurtta at ozone.FMI.FI
Tue Feb 2 11:00:01 GMT 1999

Jose_Dorado at mail.amsinc.com:
> Is there a way of automatically get rid of the ^M when transferring ASCII
> files?

On samba there is not equivalent of ASCII (text) mode transfer
(which is on FTP) -- and can't be either.

On IRIX have:

|      to_dos, to_unix - convert text files between MSDOS and UNIX
|      to_dos [ <UNIX file> [<MSDOS file>]]
|      to_unix [ <MSDOS file> [<UNIX file>]]
|      to_dos converts a UNIX text file into a MSDOS text file by appending a
|      control-M character at the end of each line and a control-Z character at
|      the end of the file.  to_unix converts a MSDOS text file into a UNIX text
|      file by stripping trailing control-M and control-Z characters.

Or use 'sed'.

By to way,
nice subject: "°M" transfering ASCII files

/ Kari Hurtta

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