domain user|group map

Eric Patterson eric at
Mon Feb 1 20:02:14 GMT 1999

As I was reading the smb.conf man page (dated 10-98) on the web site, I read about a couple of parameters that I thought I really could use.  Those parameters were

domain user map
domain group map

So I downloaded samba 2.0.0 and set up my smb.conf file and then ran testparm.  Much to my surprise, I got the following output:

Load smb config files from /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.conf
Unknown parameter encountered: "domain user map"
Ignoring unknown parameter "domain user map"
Unknown parameter encountered: "domain group map"
Ignoring unknown parameter "domain group map"

Hmmmm.  So I checked the smb.conf man page (dated 1-99) that make installed.  It has no mention of "domain user map" or "domain group map".

These parameters have disappeared?  Is there some way to get similar results using other parameters?  Will these parameters be back soon?

Thanks for any help.

Eric Patterson
System/Network Administrator
Quality Research, Inc.

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