Help! performance problem...

Mark Lehrer mark at
Mon Feb 1 15:06:57 GMT 1999

Hello!  I am having some weird performance issues, most likely due to
an incorrectly set up domain arrangement; can someone give me some
hints here?

I have one machine, named "zeus", which runs samba and is the promary
domain controller.  I have a second machine, named "zephyr", which
also runs samba but is not the primary domain controller.

The problem: any disk access on the zephyr machine also causes an smb
process on the zeus machine to take up an exorbitant amount of system
time.  I do not have any drives mapped to the zeus machine, so this is
quite puzzling to me.  The drawback here is that when zeus is bogged
down, the zephyr access time becomes unbearable and a dozen users head
into my office with weapons and threaten my life... not a good scene!

Anyway, it appears to me that there is something I don't understand
about how domains and shares fit in together; and the readme files
didn't explain this one - can someone give me a few hints, please?


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