2.0.0: lost localized characters in smbstatus

Giulio giuliox at tin.it
Mon Feb 1 10:00:36 GMT 1999

linux 2.0.35, samba2.0.0 compiled from tgz.

I have:
character set = ISO8859-1
client codepage defaults to 850, so that testparm shows
client code page = 850

With samba 1.9.18p8, smbstatus showed the filenames with localized characters ok (ie:

I use the same smb.conf with 2.0.0

Now, with samba 2.0.0, if I connect with smbclient to a Samba share I see those characters
ok, but smbstatus omits the localized characters in locked files so that "libertà.txt" is:
libertà.txt with 1.9.18p8
libert.txt with 2.0.0

Do I need to change some settings with 2.0.0?


giuliox at tin.it

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