CVS, 2.0.6, bugs....

Giulio Orsero giulioo at
Thu Dec 30 16:27:33 GMT 1999

I have some 2.0.6 problems/bugs.
samba-bugs is dead.
I'd like to see if these problems are solved in the current cvs for the
branch that will produce 2.0.7

I checked out SAMBA_2_0 and there are weird things: version numbers
mismatches (2.0.4, pre-2.0.6) and the likes (I read on the list that
SAMBA_2_0 should be >= 2.0.6)
I heard that even the TNG branch is messed-up. So is it the same for

Please, can someone tell me how do I get a "post-2.0.6" "pre-2.0.7"

Is there a tar.gz package of the current SAMBA_2_0 somewhere?

I'm afraid that when the time of 2.0.7 comes, it will be too late to
submit bug reports.


giulioo at

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